The Lottery of Life


Even a Blind Hog will eventually find an acorn…if he keeps rootin’  

Blind Hog

The Blind Hog Blogger

An old Southern Saying that comes from a tradition used to explain an unusually good performance coming from an unexpected source.

Every so often I buy a few lottery tickets.

I believe that in order to win the lottery you must first buy a ticket. The chances of winning the MegaMillions 

Don Penven

Don Penven
Freelance Writer

or PowerBall lottery are astronomical, but someone, somewhere will eventually win.

The most I have won so far is $228, but this is probably not up to the break-even point for what I have spent.

I recently watched a fellow plunk down 5, $20 bills for tickets. This seems to me like an act of desperation. Even if I had an extra $100 I certainly would not spend it on lottery tickets—no matter how high the top prize was for the next drawing.

You pay the price to fulfill a dream of untold riches. Yes . . . someone is gonna win eventually.

Every day that we get out of bed and move into the reality of life is like playing the lottery. Each day before us is a gamble of sorts. We seldom think about what could go right or wrong during the coming hours.

For some of us we seldom give any thought at all about what faces us: fame, fortune, fanfare or failure. Someone once said that when you expect the worse—you’ll probably get it. Others have said, be careful of what you pray for—you just might get it.

How do you plan your day? Are you open to the possibility that it will be a good day—or are you just hoping the day will go by quickly? Get it over with!

The lottery of life may hold a day of good fortune or it may be a total disappointment. Regardless of the outcome, we still have the promise that tomorrow will be better. Life expectancy for a white male born in 1936 was 61 years. I turned 79 this past December, 2015, so I have defied the odds. I am grateful for each new day I awaken to.

A time comes when each individual should take a deep look at his life to see if there really is, or has been, some point or purpose to it. I believe we were all given life by a Higher Power (my way of describing God), and along with that life comes a measure of responsibility—payback, if you will.

I am the proud father of four children, each of whom has turned out to be a blessing to me, and I believe my late wife, if she were still with us, would agree. My kids gave life to 10 grandchildren, and now the family boasts three great-grandchildren. Maybe this was the whole purpose of me being granted a life to begin with!

For the record I am registered as an Unaffiliated (Independent) voter here in North Carolina.

This blog is meant to be a “Safe Haven for Senior Citizens.” The posts I offer as time passes are NOT meant to show any favoritism toward either political party, since I believe that the country is headed toward disaster unless both parties put politics aside and start listening to the people. Granted–some people will get it right–some will get it wrong–but by and large the majority will ultimately turn out on Election Day and will make their voices heard.

Both political parties view Independent (Unaffiliated)  Voters as somewhat of an annoyance. But we are a force to be reckoned with.  My position is, if you want my vote then start acting in a mature, common sense manner. Politics has created the fact that:

  • 1 in every 6 citizens is currently living in poverty
  • nearly 50 million people get Food Stamps
  • We have a new President, like him or not, and he seems to have accomplished more on his first 100 days than his predecessor did in eight years.
  • There are six committees investigating the Trump/Russia connection. None of them have so far discovered any sign of collusion with a foreign power.


As a special FREE bonus to my readers I’m offering you a copy of my Ebook, “So… What CAN I Eat?” Download it to your computer and enjoy reading it. Diet and Exercise are the keys to a long life, (I am 80 years old so I have lots of experience) and I’ve written this booklet in non-technical terms following a somewhat light-hearted theme.

So… What CAN I Eat? is yours for the taking 

Enough of that stuff. This blog will hopefully serve as a reliable, easy-to-understand resource for senior (Seasoned) citizens. If you like what you see here, look over the navigation in the window to the right ===>, then please tell your friends about us.

I’m rootin’ for ya!



Unique Outdoor Survival Skills – Watch this entertaining video here: Watch The Lost Ways Video      


Don’t you find it ironic that even with all this scandalously expensive education, people today know so little?

If they can’t even fix their car, how are they supposed to handle a – let’s say – long term food shortage?

You can’t possibly hope they’d know how to garden and produce their own food, save seeds for next year, and use leaves plowed under to fertilize the soil.

Not to mention trapping, catching, skinning and cooking a rabbit…

These may seem advanced outdoor survival skills now, but back in the days, they were merely called “Living”.

Watch this short video now and discover a set of unique and fantastic survival skills used and perfected by our ancestors.

Don’t wait for the next crisis to hit and live to regret you had the chance to learn these skills but didn’t.

Watch The Lost Ways Video Here


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