Mar 172013
scotty campbell

Scotty Campbell

The Uncertainty of Our Times-Looking Back and Wondering What Happened!

Guest Writer, Scottie Campbell

What’s coming next?

It’s politics as usual in Washington and across the fruited plain. I have enjoyed “American idol” much more than watching the Republican debates. At least with “Idol” is that the end result leaves us with a clear cut winner.

Every two weeks we see a new leader in the polls. But on the other side there is no contest. No Democrat has shown any interest in challenging Obama.

I just watched an interview with Sen. Joe Manchin (D), WV. Manchin, while governor saw a balanced budget with cash surpluses for 3 years running. West Virginia proved that when spending is kept in check, the economy remains healthy. So what’s wrong with most of our other states? What’s wrong with the U.S. economy?

CBS’s “Face The Nation” said congress’s approval rating is 14% nationwide. BP (of Gulf Oil Spill Fame) is at 16%. Even Paris Hilton’s approval rating of 15% exceeds that of the people who “govern” us.

And Obama still says that it’s Bush’s fault.

The voters showed their anger when they shoved the Republicans into a majority in the U.S. House. But will they keep it in November 2012. It’s anyone’s guess.

The opinions about our esteemed legislators took a nosedive following the recent “60 Minutes” story of how members of congress are privy to Insider Information, which they are free to use to enrich themselves, when dabbling in the stock market. You or I would go to prison if we did the same thing.

Ever wonder how a typical congressman or woman can show a modest portfolio of assets when elected—but a few terms later they are millionaires? All on a $145,000 a year salary?

And here we are, a bunch of ignorant dolts, 60-70% of whom bitch and complain but are too lazy or disinterested to get out and vote. Just suppose that 65-70% of eligible voters showed up at the polls! What would the outcome be? I probably won’t live long enough to see that happen.

No point in bringing up the unemployment stats—they are still around 9% or slightly higher. And our faithful bureaucrats are very well adept at cooking the books so that figure is probably much, much higher.

This post isn’t about politics—it’s about the grim reality that grows out of a total lack of leadership. Who is at fault? The Democrats and the Republicans! My sincere hope is that the independents will wake up and flock to the voting booths next November. And it all seems to be driven by greed.


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