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 9 steps to lower your blood pressure

Along with age we often experience a higher blood pressure reading. I have a blog dedicated to the specific topic of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension). Below are just a few tips to lower your blood pressure.

  1. Stop Smoking- This is listed at the top because of its incredible killing power. Even if you don’t develop cancer from smoking (although it’s extremely likely), the toxic effects of poisoning your body every day are stealthy.
  2. Vascular damage stresses out the body and the poisonous chemicals are so avoidable. And if you don’t smoke- get away from 2nd hand smoke. This is the number 1 factor in lung cancer among NON smokers and the stress it places on the body can account for as much as a 4-5 point systolic spike when exposed.\
  3. Boost immunity- Being sick and lacking the energy to fight off disease stresses out the body in very preventable, easily correctable ways. If you find that you are sick a lot, consider adding probiotics to your diet and find a way to get some safe sunlight. 
  4. Naturally occurring vitamin D is the best boost to immunity because it’s free and it’s completely natural. The uptick in serotonin from exposure to UV light also increases immune health. But be mindful of the possibility of getting various skin cancers.
  5. Keep weight down- It’s no secret that obesity is becoming the fastest growing disease in the world, with its partner, Type 2 diabetes. Metabolic disorders are almost a guarantee that you will end up with an extra 10 points systolic.Get the extra 10 or 20 pounds off the belly and watch your high blood pressure fall naturally and safely. It’s a breeze with this one of a kind weight loss program (no diet or workout)…
  6. Stuff stress- The biological stressors like illness and environmental ones (2nd hand smoke for example) do enough to drive up hypertension. Don’t do it any favors by letting anxiety run untreated. There are great alternatives that are inexpensive, effective, and easy to do that will help get emotional stress under control. Learn the most effective method to eliminate stress and drop blood pressure…
  7. Breathe- What many people don’t realize is that not breathing properly or having poor posture will limit the amount of oxygen you take in. Less than optimum O2 intake can spell disaster over time. Find ways to include some deep breathing in your relaxation regimen. The added oxygen will perk up systems throughout the body, making it work more efficiently and this is always a great way to regulate blood pressure. Our Weight-Loss-Breeze exercises helps you lose weight, relief stress and lose weight all by improving your breathing day and night. Unbelievable but it works. Check them out here…
  8. Supplement- Today’s Western diets are terrible. It’s true…the way good food is molested and processed until it’s got a longer shelf life than most people is a disgrace. Salt isn’t the enemy- refined, over-loaded packaged food with astronomical amounts of sodium, however, are. Food no longer sustains us like it did when we ate fresh. So now, we have no choice but to supplement to get the critical nutrients we need. Magnesium, zinc, and calcium are the big 3 that wind up dwindling in diets of those of us in middle age. A cycle of bad events happens as a result, so make sure to get supplemental amounts of these minerals every day. Here is the only Heart Health supplement recommended by Blue Heron Health News….
  9. Limit alcohol- a glass of red wine with dinner is great if the sulfates don’t bother you. Three or more beers every day can, however, be terrible. This is just a source of extra calories and inflammation that your body doesn’t need at all. Hard liquor is even worse. All it serves to do is make you fat, contribute to snoring and sleep apnea (known causes of high blood pressure), and contribute to an addiction. Dump the liquor and beer and instead opt for limited amounts of red wine or Sake.

 Getting high blood pressure under control doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, these natural alternatives will very likely end up saving you money if you implement all the changes listed above.

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