An Experiment in Online Marketing With Amazon


This is an experiment in online marketing.

Let me explain. Long before I built my first website, had an affiliate program. The way this works is when a website visitor clicks on a special link on the website, and then makes a purchase, the affiliate (the person who supplies the website link) get a commission. By the time I had a few websites in operation, Amazon fired all their North Carolina (and several other states) in a dispute over sales taxes.

As time passed, Amazon decided it would start charging state sales taxes but NV wanted the names and addresses of all those fired affiliates so they could collect on their sales. The civil suit dragged on for a couple of years and Amazon won. Now former affiliates and new ones are encouraged to sign up.

Today I filled out the forms and am now an official Amazon affiliate. Yes… some folks make a good bit of money with their affiliate businesses. My goal is to just earn a supplemental income–Social Security only goes so far and I was already hit with a big tab on my Medicare.

Anyway, my point here is to make my readers and followers aware of my new activity. If you click on the link inside the Amazon banner I provide, and then you purchase something, I will get a commission. I will be using two different methods of posting the links on my websites or blogs:

1. The Tower Type as seen in the right sidebar of the pages in this blog, and

2. The banner type display seen at the bottom of this page.

That’s it folks. There is no OUT-OF-POCKET expense to you. Use my links and make this old codger happy.

Note: When you get to Amazon’s website, it may not be what you are looking for. Just type in what you are seeking in the Search Window near the top of the page.

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