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This page was created to serve as a reminder

that we do, in fact. live, work, pay taxes and

die in the this land of democratic principles.

Throughout most of my life I have been a very firm believer in the Principle of Evolution. I believe that Darwin was right, and that Earth’s creatures adapt to their environment and make changes in themselves to make existence in that environment a bit more comfortable.

When certain creatures fail to adapt to what Nature offers, they simply die off and are replaced by other creatures better suited for any given set of circumstances.

But my belief in evolution has a caveat to it, you see I also believe that all life in the universe was formed under the direct supervision of a Supreme Being, my Higher Power–as I choose to identify this source,

I believe that my Higher Power, God, made two major mistakes during the on-going cycle of creation: 

Mistake number 1 is the Giraffe. Why would God create such a weird looking animal?

Mistake number 2 is humankind. God really screwed up when he gave this creature a WILL. 

But what puzzles me is even after God must have realized this mistake, no steps were taken to correct it. 

The dinosaurs populated this planet for hundreds of millions of years. The fossil record points to a mass extinction some 64 million years ago. Paleontologists tell us that human-like creatures have only been here for a few million years. And it would seem that we frequently take steps to accelerate our extinction, which someday that will become a reality.

Over the coming months I will be adding articles under the American Justice heading. This will be material based mostly on current events where American Justice is sometimes swept aside to make room for political correctness. I don’t want to make this a political rant, and I say this because regardless of ones stripes, our political system, like a barrel full of apples, has a few rotten ones in it. The idea is to spur people to action who will remove the rotten apples before they spoil all the rest in the barrel.

I’m Rootin’ For Ya!

Don Penven

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