Resources for Seniors From the U.S. Government

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Mar 292013

The U.S. Federal Government provides many

valuable services to senior citizens.

The following links were assembled to give you quick access to the government services. Below are just of the few useful services available to you. Click on any of these links to be transported to the USA government services.

USA Govt. Health Services Information

Find a nursing home, assisted living, or hospice; check your eligibility for benefits; get resources for long-distance caregiving; review legal issues; and find support for caregivers.

Consumer Protection for Seniors 

Learn about rights for the elderly, detect and prevent medicare fraud, and more.

USA Govt. Directory of State Consumer Offices

Index of State and Local Consumer Agencies Covering all 30 States and D.C.

USA Govt. Elder’s Rights

Elder Rights Protection: Please select from these programs to learn more.

USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Up-to-date information for consumers.

USA Govt. Jobs and Making Money

If you’re in the market for a job, an investment, or a business to run in your off-hours or as an encore career, there are some mighty convincing promoters out there who promise high returns, low risk, and ‘golden’ opportunities just waiting for the right buyer. Take the time to ask the questions that can keep you from getting ripped off.

Financial crimes against senior citizens

The elderly are the fastest growing segment of our society and they are also an important part of our country’s economy. We are living longer but we as a society do not always recognize this population as being at risk. America’s growing senior population is uniquely vulnerable to a broad range of exploitation and abuse. Financial crimes in particular are targeted at seniors with alarming frequency, and are all too often successful.

Exploring the rights of the elderly

Long-Term Care Ombudsmen are advocates for residents of nursing homes, board and care homes, assisted living facilities and similar adult care facilities. They work to resolve problems of individual residents and to bring about changes at the local, state and national levels that will improve residents’ care and quality of life.

How to report fraud, waste and abuse of government services

Medicare fraud happens when Medicare is billed for services or supplies you never got. Medicare fraud costs Medicare a lot of money each year. Examples of possible Medicare fraud

Fraud is different from abuse. Abuse happens when doctors or suppliers don’t follow good medical practices, which leads to unnecessary costs to Medicare, improper payment, or services that aren’t medically necessary. A complaint about the quality of care you got from a doctor, hospital, or other provider or facility isn’t considered fraud or abuse. Your Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) can help you if you have a complaint about your quality of care.

Social Security-When someone steals your identity

Get your copy of the booklet on Social Security Identity Theft

Health and Nutrition for Senior Citizens

Find an A-Z list of health topics and resources on insurance, prescription drugs, nutrition, care giving, and more.


Additional Online Resources Directories:

Site Index of Pages

Contact Elected Officials

Call, e-mail, or mail U.S. state and federal elected officials and government agencies.

Resources for Seniors:  Find government resources for seniors on money, housing, health, consumer protection, and more.

Directories for State and Federal Government Agencies     Find a list of federal and state agencies with resources for seniors.

Caregivers’ Resources:   Find a nursing home, assisted living, or hospice; check your eligibility for benefits; get resources for long-distance caregiving; review legal issues; and find support for caregivers.

Health Tips and Resources for Seniors   Find doctors and healthcare facilities, get Medicare and Medicaid resources, lookup information about prescription drugs, and more.

Money and Taxes for Seniors   Get tax tips for seniors; learn about CDs and other ways of saving money; and more.

End-of-Life Issues for Seniors and Their Families   Get resources on advance directives, hospice, funerals, and more.

Retirement Resources for Seniors     Use these resources to help you estimate your retirement benefits, learn about factors that could affect your retirement, and more.

Travel and Recreation for Seniors   Find some discounts and travel tips for seniors.

Passenger Discount for Seniors From Amtrak  Seniors Save 15%  Amtrak travelers 62 years of age and over are eligible to receive a 15% discount on the lowest available rail fare on most Amtrak trains. On cross-border services operated jointly by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada, a 10% Senior discount is applicable to travelers aged 60 and over.

Discount Limitations

The senior discount is not valid on the Auto Train.

The senior discount is not valid on weekday Acela Express trains.

The senior discount does not apply to Business class, First class or sleeping accommodation. These upgrades are permitted upon payment of the full accommodation charges.

The senior discount is not valid for travel on certain Amtrak Thruway connecting services.

The senior discount may not be combinable with other discount offers; refer to the terms and conditions for each offer.

Additional restrictions may apply.

Valid proof of age is required when purchasing your ticket and onboard the train.

If you don’t find the help you need, please leave us a comment below and I’ll see if I can find it for you.

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