High Blood Pressure: Is Salt One of The Major Causes?


There is considerable conflict between

two health care sources:

  • There is the conventional philosophy of reducing salt in the diet to reduce hypertension
  • Reducing salt will not accomplish much – it’s the kind of salt you are eating that matters. 

Some recent studies are presenting a new look at the salt situation. So which side has the best answer?

 Three studies newly published in the medical journal Circulation recently attempted to cement the ‘law’ of biology that too much sodium in the form of salt causes high blood pressure, and that by dramatically limiting salt intake could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year. 

And yes, they succeeded in a way. But the issue is much more complicated than the researchers would like you to believe. 

There is no doubt that hypertension, is one of the leading causes, world-wide, of preventable deaths, but is salt really the villain? Some are now saying that salt is only part of the problem. It has to do with the delivery system. 

Other studies have shown an inverse relationship between low sodium diets and increased risk of death. These studies conflict with the Western theories that salt is bad. What both sides of this volatile issue do agree on, however, is that pre-packaged, processed food is the real culprit. 

In the packaging process, many nutrients needed for optimum health are cooked into oblivion. And equally disturbing is the excess amounts of processed salt that are added for flavor and to extend shelf life. 

People who eliminate processed foods from their usual fare tend to fare better than people who don’t. This could explain why people who are on whole food diets that still abundantly season their foods at mealtime with sea salt are actually healthier than those who completely eliminate salt altogether. 

One of the theories that is still being studied is that people who use naturally mineral-rich sea salt, see it as more flavorful, so less is needed to attain great taste. This seems to ring true no matter where the salt is harvested. 

Many sea salts also naturally contain iodine, which is essential for good health and to prevent goiter, a thyroid condition. For it to occur naturally is generally accepted as better than to add it during the refinement process later. 

Other studies recently emerging have shown that the inability to process sodium due to stress is what makes salt the bad guy. If you can’t process it, it builds up in the system. 

Naturally, reducing salt in that way would reduce sodium. But eliminating stress is a better option? Then you can still reap the benefits of all the healthful minerals found in sea salts. 

Like your salt or not, there is an even more powerful way to lower blood pressure.

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