Vitamin D – A Cure for High Blood Pressure?


Diseases and conditions like certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, infectious diseases and heart disease are often traced back to a low level of vitamin D. Any of these diseases by themselves may also account for an increase blood pressure due largely to the added stress on the body. Potentially, if you solve this deficiency you can wipe out several insults all at once. 

The health benefits of getting optimum amounts of vitamins and minerals are many, and people are even finding out that just a mild deficiency can have widespread consequences, especially for vitamins that affect many of the body processes. 

Vitamin D in particular is critical in regulating everything in the body from the immune response to bone health. Lack of it has been linked to arthritis and type 2 diabetes. The problem is that our principle source for vitamin D is natural sunlight. Many dermatologists recommend applying a high SPF sunblock when sun exposure is in the daily schedule of events. But sunblocks also block the much needed vitamin D.

Since I am a 5-time melanoma survivor, I can’t afford to get too much raw sunlight. My alternative is to take vitamin D supplements. More on this later. 

A new study reveals it’s essential to bring blood pressure down. On the average, people lowered their blood pressure 4 points by taking vitamin D supplements – some folks gain even higher numbers. 

Recent studies from a number of universities and hospitals, like Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston are noting that for many Americans, vitamin D deficiency launches a plethora of health issues.

This study revealed that people with the worst vitamin D deficiencies are also the ones with the highest blood pressure. Is this a coincidence? Researches don’t think so. 

Many doctors are taking notice as well, opting to look at blood tests to see if a hypertensive patient may be experiencing a vitamin deficiency. Simply adding the proper supplementation may even mean the difference in whether or not a person might be able to avoid prescription drugs as treatment. Now that really makes a lot of sense! 

Not only does vitamin D directly impact blood pressure health, but it is also critical in a number of other systems. Vitamin D allows blood vessels to relax, thereby lowering blood pressure. However, if there is a deficiency, a glitch in any one of the other systems will add to a mounting blood pressure problem. 

My vitamin D level showed a considerable increase following my last blood test. And my bout with hypertension is well under control. My doctor recommended that I get vitamin D3. The brand I get includes Omega 3 Fatty Acids. He also specified that I need 5000 units per day. 

Fortunately I have an account with Walmart and can order my vitamins and minerals online for fast delivery. Of course I also order many other Walmart products without ever leaving home. 

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Vitamin D3 5000units

Vitamin D3 5000units


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