Is Niaspan Lowering Your Cholesterol-or is it Slowly Killing You


Is Niaspan Lowering Your Cholesterol-

or is it Slowly Killing You 

The following article summarizes the report I recently received from Blue Heron Health News Publications:

 Drug manufacturers will get your money one way or the other—and where is the FDA in all of this?

Big Pharma (major drug makers) has found itself on the firing line again. The problem now facing them is that the public is becoming increasingly aware that virtually all prescription drugs carry a heavy load of dangerous SIDE-EFFECTS. Just pay attention to the myriad TV commercials that pummel us day in and day out. It makes one wonder why anyone would take BRAND X knowing full-well that side effects include heart attack, cardiac arrest, suicidal thoughts, etc. 

We… the consuming public have been brainwashed into believing that the “CURE” is more harmful than the condition. Yes…side effects are possible—even probable—but it’s worth it if it cures what ails you. But more often than not, prescription drugs treat the symptoms—and NOT THE CAUSE of the condition. 

As awareness and consumption of natural health alternatives grow, so too does the drug maker’s zeal to ride the bandwagon. They mislead the public into thinking that just because a drug has its elemental makeup in nature, compounding and concentrating it makes it natural- or safe. 

This is a case of false thinking. A pig wearing lipstick is still a pig. Here’s what research scientists at the University of Oxford (UK) discovered: 

Scientists are now finding how damaging this methodology is becoming after they looked at the effects of a popular drug used to treat high cholesterol and prevent heart disease. What they found was completely unnerving.

A drug that is based upon a necessary nutrient in the body has been used for years to treat high cholesterol in the hopes that it will prevent heart disease. 

What scientists at the University of Oxford uncovered, though, is  that despite selling over $1 billion worth of the drug in the past 10 years, the prescription form of niacin known as Niaspan has little effect on heart disease. 

In fact, as the study authors released to the Academy of Cardiology recently, the overload of niacin also led to a staggeringly increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, bleeding disorders, and infections. 

So why is medical science continuing to treat high cholesterol with Niaspan? Because it relies on outdated and flawed information that remains in medical journals. But getting this dangerous drug off the market is no easy task. Remember VIOXX, many people prescribed to this now-known-killer had to die before the FDA got off its collective big butts and banned it. 

Niacin is essential to good health—but only when consumed through natural means—from the food we eat! Niacin is plentiful in whole grains, fish, paprika and—believe it or not—sun-dried tomatoes. 

If you were given a prescription for Niaspan, ask your doctor to dig out the research. He/she may have missed the UK study. 

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