Proof That Cholesterol Drugs Cause Type 2 Diabetes

By Don Penven
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It has only been the last few years that I

took the time to read all of that paperwork

my pharmacist stuffs into my prescription


This act prompted me to add to my knowledge by surfing the Internet. Most of the time I wish I had never started this pursuit.

I have been prescribed a number of different drugs since first being diagnosed with, “Hypertension… Don, you have high blood pressure.” This was a stunning revelation back then. I was just 30 years old.

Oftentimes I am shocked when the voiceover on a TV drug commercial rattles off all the “potential” side effects of a prescription drug: pain, stiffness, erectile dysfunction, suicidal thoughts, etc., etc. Makes you wonder why people would even consider some of this stuff. But Big Pharma tells us that while taking the drug has calculated risks, the benefits out-weigh the problems.

Thus is the case with statins, the number one choice for controlling high cholesterol. And yes… I was taking a statin as well has high blood pressure meds too.

In a recently published study, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) revealed a Canadian study of 471,000 patients directed at proving that statin drugs actually cause type 2 diabetes in many patients on statin prescriptions. The researchers stated that data on this particular side effect was often very limited. That’s not too surprising since the manufacture and sale of statin drugs is a multi-Billion Dollar Business.

This is one more link in a body of evidence that proves this most serious side effect of statins. Scarier too is the fact that statin prescriptions are on the rise. According to statistics published by Forbes, in 2007 more than 200 million statin prescriptions were filled. Three years later this number leaped to 4 billion.

Common side effects of one of the most popular statins published online include but are not limited to: Indigestion, Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel Movements, Gas, Stomach Cramps, Joint Pain, Throat Irritation, Dizziness, Head Pain and Diarrhea. There is no mention that type 2 diabetes is also a possibility in some patients.

Many parts of the medical community have jumped on the Big Pharma bandwagon. A recent study from Finland and Harvard consider the problem od side effects “an acceptable risk,” when considering the benefits. Little attention is shown to studies from these same medical schools that statins do nothing to reduce the risk of heart attacks occurring in patients with high cholesterol.

Oddly enough, virtually everyone concerned in health matters agrees that cholesterol may be reduced by simple diet and lifestyle adjustments-like spending more time in the produce section of your supermarket rather than the pharmacy. What does your health care provider say?

Many of our human conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes can be controlled-even eliminated-using natural methods of diet and exercise, but the population needs to be educated to this alternative treatment. You are invited to browse my blog: The Blind Hog Blogger. This blog is dedicated to providing information and resources to: Our Senior Citizens

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