The “Miracle Grain” That Reduces Cholesterol and Lowers Blood Pressure


One can only wonder how one simple grain

can do so much to improve one’s health.

But few of us ever take the time to give a  serious look at this miracle grain and come to appreciate its value,

don Penven

Don Penven
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much less do we manage to reap the benefits of it.

So how does one little grain manage to do so much with such small amounts? And is it possible for this very simple food to reduce cholesterol, lower high blood pressure and even help to eliminate type 2 diabetes? Yes… it can do all three and more, and it does it for countless people every day.

You see, so many of the ailments that plague us with widespread suffering are, according to health care researchers, are due to our consuming to many wrong foods and not eating enough good foods, And we do this most every day.

One food staple that people need to make sure they get enough of to defeat both these problems is oats. Yes this little grain is the Holy Grail of beneficial foods but too few recognize this. Oats is packed with the very nutritive benefits that are proving to be the most effective at eliminating some of the most devastating and stubborn diseases and conditions in the world today.

Here’s a glimpse of what oats can do for us:

  • Oats can lower blood pressure. This is because oats is packed with magnesium, a critical mineral necessary for muscle, vascular and digestive health. Scientists tell us  a deficiency of magnesium directly causes high blood pressure as well as irritable bowel syndrome. These conditions may be eliminated by adding oats to your daily diet.
  • Another essential mineral for strengthening the heart and your vascular system. Maybe you’ve tried taking magnesium and/or zinc supplements and saw no benefit. But introducing these two minerals into the blood stream through natural means is exactly what nature intended us to do.
  • Oats improves the balance between Good (HDL) and Bad (LDL) cholesterol. For years I took a regimen of statin drugs but the side effects from statins were not worth the “cure.”
  • For an incredible source of dietary fiber, few natural foods can match the effectiveness of oats. Problem is that oats are largely missing from of Western diets with menus of pre-packaged, prepared, sugar and salt-loaded foods, The scientific community has known for decades that oats and other forms of dietary fiber are our best weapon against plaque-causing cholesterol.
  • In countless studies, oats may be the least expensive and most sensible cute for diabetes. Yhe beta glucans eliminate the inflammation that often causes the beta cells in the pancreas to fail in its insulin-producing function. And this same inflammation also leads to insulin resistance by the body cells. Regular consumption of oats has been shown to directly cause a decrease in the inflammation that causes diabetes. Oat beta glucan has increases Peptide Y-Y, a powerful appetite control hormone. Keeping the appetite in check helps to eliminate a risk factors for becoming diabetic, which is obesity.
  • Oats are also very high in thiamin, or vitamin B1. This vitamin is critical in the metabolism of carbohydrates for energy. There is some data emerging that shows people with insulin resistance have lower levels of thiamin in their blood.

In our household we use Quaker Oats Natural Granola that contains whole grain, rolled oats, honey, raisins and almonds. And this product also contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and thiamin. I usually eat a bowlful with milk and about an extra teaspoon of honey.

In any case, avoid the “quick oats” since most of the benefits have been pre-cooked out of it.

Walmart carries Quaker Oats Natural Granola. And it may be ordered online: Use the link below to reach Walmart’s Home Page and then using the “Search” window up near the top of the page, type in Quaker Oats.


Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats

quaker Natural Granola

Quaker Natural Granola














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