Reverse Diabetes With 6 Natural Tips


By Don Penven

Blind Hog Blogger

Blind Hog Blogger

Fear and uncertainty about diabetes is a normal reaction if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Many respected healthcare providers tell us that diabetes is incurable—that the cause is unknown. If this is what you were told you were not given the full story.

The fact remains that drugs and insulin therapy is not a cure—it is a means of treating the symptoms. Hyperglycemia or unusually high levels of blood sugar is a condition resulting in excess glucose in the blood stream.

Diabetes is diagnosed when the following occurs:

  • The pancreas, the function of which is to convert sugar and starches (carbohydrates) into glucose, and then the blood stream using insulin transports the glucose to the muscles and body tissues to provide the energy needed.
  • Type I diabetes is a condition wherein the pancreas stops making insulin, and Type II diabetes is when the insulin manufactured is not sufficient to perform as it should and the body cells refuse to accept the energy-providing glucose. 

Typical symptoms of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) are frequent urination and hunger pangs and persistent thirst; as well as overall fatigue, dry mouth, weight loss, male impotence and dry, itchy skin. The condition of hypoglycemia indicates low blood sugar.

If you have not heard of Dr. Robert O. Young—chances are you soon will. This scientist and microbiologist believes he has determined the CAUSE of diabetes. This discovery sent shock waves throughout the health care community—simply because if the cause of diabetes and many other serious diseases is known—the cure becomes a matter of eliminating the cause.

Dr. Young’s research, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medical School, proves that the beta cells in the pancreas that actually produce insulin suffer severe damage from the acid-content of our diet, which includes many carbohydrates and “junk” foods as well.

The National Institutes of Health (NIJ) stated in a recent report that physician, Richard Bernstein, MD, has been on insulin therapy since age 12. NIH quoted him as saying, “How long can we as a profession afford to keep our heads in the sand regarding the benefits of low carb diets for diabetics?”

Maybe you are wondering why this madness of insulin injections and drugs continues? The simple answer is that treating diabetics is a Multi-Billion Dollar Business.

Here are 6 recommended tips that are proven to reverse the ravages of diabetes:

  1. Eliminate all sugar in your diet. Do not add sugar to what you eat or drink.
  2. Do not purchase “prepared,” packaged foods that contain loads of sugar—check out the label for sugar and carbohydrate content.
  3.  Avoid all “white” foods like potatoes, rice and products containing white flour. 
  1. Take two tablespoons of cinnamon once per day. Cinnamon is known for its ability to metabolize sugar. My wife and I take cinnamon in capsule form. Add Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements on a daily basis.
  2. Look into alkaline diets. Alkaline foods neutralize the acid content we take in.
  3. Exercise regularly. Join a gym or take long, brisk walks several times a week.

The medical literature is beginning to pick up on the benefits of a low carb, alkaline diet. The best testimonial I can offer is from a family member. A little over three years ago she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. The standard blood test, known as the A1c test showed her at 6.8, with 7.0 being diabetic. After several months of a very low carb, alkaline diet and frequent exercise—her A1c dropped to 5.8. Her weight dropped by 60 pounds!

After more than a year of maintaining the recommended diet, she remains well into the safety zone and she looks and feels great. After a recent blood test she learned that a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes is now an A1c level of 6.5. Using these numbers, she was actually diabetic when she was first tested a year ago. Now that is scary!

This article barely covers the many natural methods now being recommended by knowledgeable health care providers. A complete report, written by a very knowledgeable researcher, is available through the link below. This information will help you to make an informed decision about how to develop your own natural course of treatment—one free from insulin shots and drugs. Diabetes IS reversible.






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