New Study–Simple. Low Cost Nut Packs a Wallop


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The amazing ability of one specific nut

to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure

and improve overall health…

has been observed for some time now.

A recent study, however, proves the amazing health benefits immediately after consuming this nut only ONCE. Something that crowns this nut to be the “king of all nuts.”

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Tufts University uncover the mysterious benefits of the powerful ingredients in walnuts and share their findings in a small cross-over study.

Study participants were 15 overweight individuals suffering from moderately high blood sugar.


Walnuts Pack a Wallop

The research was designed for all study participants to be tested four times each.

In one treatment they had to randomly consume either whole walnuts (85 grams), walnut oil ( 51 grams), walnut shell (6 grams) or defatted walnut meat ( 34 grams ).

The procedure was repeated three more times .Before and after the treatments at the different times, study participants underwent several psychological and biochemical evaluations.

The results of a study revealed that even with just a ONE-time consumption of walnut oil and whole walnuts, blood vessel functioning drastically improved- which is extremely important in maintaining good cardiovascular health.
Researchers explain that walnut oil helps preserve the endothelial cells, the lining of the walls of blood vessels.

In addition, the performance of “good” HDL cholesterol after consuming whole walnuts and walnut oil was more effective in removing bad cholesterol from blood.

The researchers bring to light the powerful compounds responsible for amazing health benefits in walnuts.

1) Alpha- linolenic acid, which is a type of Omega-3 fatty acids found mainly in plants.

2) Gamma-tocopherol, known as the main form of Vitamin E.

3) Phytosterols ,a good cholesterol found in plants, powerful enough to remove harmful cholesterol from blood stream.

Given the results of the study, we can obviously conclude that the walnut is one food that we should definitely add to our health food list.

Just sprinkle the oil on your favorite salad or consume whole walnuts as a snack between your meals.

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