The Spoken Word is a Great Healer of Many Ills


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Conversation Heals

Conversation Heals

Can doubling your longevity following a heart attack be drug-free and easy? According to evidence presented recently in Madrid, Spain, at the Acute Cardiac Care Congress it certainly can be.

Nurses involved in the study had made observations that spurred doctors to look more closely at the natural, mind/body connection side of treatment following heart attack and found amazing results.

When nurses who followed heart attack patients noted that the ones with whom they had the most conversational contact were the ones who survived the longest, it got doctors’ attention.

In a study conducted in Athens, Greece, recently, scientists found that simply by praying with patients, playing music, and/or talking with recovering heart attack patients doubled their chances of surviving long-term, even when other elements of their recovery were unaffected, like their medicine regime.

Patients who received the most care psychologically fared the best over time, causing researchers to acknowledge that the mind/body connection is actually more powerful than any bottle of pills, no matter how medication-compliant a patient is following a heart attack.

Adding interventions that boosted the psychological state of patients gave them a 55% boost in their longevity as compared to patients who received the standard, “take these pills, you are discharged,” habit of cutting patients loose to fend for themselves.

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