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Yes . .  it still says that on our money, and I do stress the pronoun “Our.” Unfortunately there are those in government who sincerely believe that the money we earn is mostly THEIR money. and at every turn they seem determined to snatch it away from us.

This page category is devoted to exposing the most recent methods that our duly-elected government officials use to be certain that we fully understand that if it were not for them, we would have nothing. After all, it seems like certain factions of political power simply can’t tax us enough. We see our RIGHTS eroding every day. The theme behind this is a simple one: Certain politicians are striving diligently to insure that U.S. citizens rely on government FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE.

No…I do not consider myself a political firebrand. I’m just an average Joe who is sick and tired of having to work for nearly 6 months every year just to support this government: Federal, State, County and City! Payroll taxes aside, we have property tax and virtually everything we buy is taxed.  

Are we better of financially than we were 5 years ago? I don’t know about you, my reader, but I am certainly not better off. Disregarding the fact that my family was hit with that hidden payroll tax on January 1, I am paying nearly twice what I did 5 years ago for a tankful of gasoline. And food prices have risen, and continue to rise, and fuel prices contribute heavily to this problem. But…look on the bright side! It could be worse. At least I still have a job!

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