I Spoke With God Today


It was still very dark outside when I awoke this morning from a reasonably deep sleep. The thought came to me that it had

don Penven

Don Penven
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been a while since I spoke with my Higher Power, whom I call God. I guess this happens with many of us–out of sight–out of mind.

I don’t characterize myself as a religious person. I separated myself from organized religion many years ago. Actually I believe that religion in the form of a church actually left me. But I am a spiritual person and many of my readers will understand the difference.

More often than not, I speak with God when I want something. Many times what I want is an answer to a problem. I learned long ago that speaking TO God is not truly effective. By speaking with God, I allow input to me.

Some of the reading I’ve done recently stresses how important it is to give up my personal will, to the will of God. When I do that, the answers I’m looking for seem to become more apparent in a shorter period of time. After all, the prayer says, “Thy Will be done…” Not my will… God’s will.

But that’s a tough one. Surrender is not the way I tried to live my life. But here I am in the Winter of life when I shouldn’t be obsessed with such things. “One Day at a Time” is a good way to live.

As I covered in other articles on this blog, I had a near death experience a short time ago. No… I didn’t die and was then revived. I was in Septic Shock, which does kill a lot of people. But for once in my life I listened to the small voice that urged me to get to the hospital without delay. One of the ICU doctor’s said if I had not gotten there when I did, I would have died at home.

For over 50 years I have been a licensed pilot. Flying was a kind of freedom found in no other pursuit. My flying days are behind me now. I no longer have a valid medical certificate and can’t get one because one of the problems that was revealed during the sepsis (septic) problem was that I have atrial fibrillation–an irregular heartbeat–so I will be taking a blood thinner for the foreseeable future. The drug I take is on the FAA Approved list but age is a consideration..

I only mention this because flying brought me some truly pleasant memories.

A very great man once wrote, “For once you have tasted flight, your eyes will look forever skyward, for it is there you have been, and there you long to be.” (Leonardo DaVinci)

I’m rambling… The point I’m trying to make is that from time to time I speak with God. Many times I have a question and sometimes it is just to give thanks for another day.

Have you spoken with God recently?


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