Oct 022013

I began this blog with a post explaining that, “Sometimes I Buy a Lottery Ticket.” Well… I still do but no big winners yet. I often think that just suppose I did win a big jackpot–something in the millions. I’m 76 as I write this–so what on earth would I do with millions of dollars. I’m really too old to get much pleasure out of it…Right? Well perhaps not.

Reflections 16As time marches on so does my calendar. The day whiz by as they join together to form months. And then there’s the next step–years. I am 80 years old as I write this. Yes… I am still the old cantankerous curmudgeon. Some thing never change, me included. So maybe from time to time I will add a few comments here. Join me as I, “Relax, breathe, let go and just live.”

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