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When was the last time you really spent time looking at that person in the mirror? We do it every day—look

Don Penven

Don Penven
Freelance Writer

into the mirror—but what do you actually see? 

I see a tired old man who is often filled with self-doubt. Tired of chasing my tail, but realizing that “If it is to be—it is up to me!” 

I have been stressing in other articles that you must first recognize your own self-worth. Without this belief you are doomed to continue as you have in the past. Our daily world is all too often filled with negative input. Let’s face it; the world is in a state of turmoil. Just yesterday there were riots and civil disturbances in Rome, New York, London and Yemen. And those are just the ones that made the major news outlets. 

How is one going to maintain a positive posture with so much disruption going on? It ain’t gonna be easy, but if you slip into the context of world-upheaval you are bound to come away with a “down” sense of well- being. 

On the other hand . . . maybe you just don’t give a damn. If this is the case, well good for you! 

None of us are able to change what happens outside our front door. Those happenings will go on until the rioters are subdued or they just give up and go on about their lives. The point is—regardless of what turn world events take—how you view life on this planet will determine how your day will go. 

Some of you are familiar with The Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference –Reinhold Niebuhr 

What a powerful sentiment! I am learning to live my life just one day at a time. Yesterday happened and it’s behind me. I sincerely make the effort to live today to the fullest—today is a precious gift from my Higher Power, whom I recognize as God. Perhaps you have a problem with the idea of God. That’s OK! But until you accept the concept that your life is directed by a higher power, a power greater than yourself—very little in your current circumstances will change. 

As close as I have come to the principles of psychology was taking one semester of Psyc. 101 during my basic law enforcement training course so many years ago. So I’m not making any attempt to convince you that I am well-versed in psychology or related subjects. 

With age comes wisdom—so they say. Like it or not I have learned many useful subjects during my 74 years—but I do not consider myself “wise in the ways of the world.” 

Mistakes, missteps and downright blunders populated my life up to this point—but all of them are now behind me. Yes , , , if I had my life to live over I would do things differently. But I was not offered the opportunity to do that. My past life is what it is—past history, and I hope you recognize the fact that in your case—the same is true. 

Live for today! 

Quit worrying about getting it perfect, getting it right, and getting it right the first time—Carrie Wilkinson 

Self-analysis demands a sense of rigorous honesty. If you look into a mirror and see a failure, then that’s what you are doomed to be. But if you see an individual who is capable of grabbing hold of a dream and turning it into reality—then there is hope that you will eventually succeed. No , , , it is not likely to happen overnight, or in a few hours from now and probably won’t happen during the next few weeks. 

But if your dream is a realistic one, a dream based on probability and not fantasy—then it can be achieved. And your mind will tell you how to proceed . . . but only if you keep your mind open to that still, small voice that has been trying to speak to you. LISTEN! 

Take just a moment to mentally list your good point, your talents, and your skills. Are you using them to advantage or are you wasting them. 

It was character that got us out of bed, commitment moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through—Zig Ziglar 

It has been said that the average person uses less than 20% of his brain power. So you need to decide if you are average, or above average. The human mind keeps working even if we disregard what it is trying to tell us. Analyze you best qualities and shove the negative thoughts out of reach. You have the power to do what you believe to be right and just. But unless you get started . . . it is all wasted.

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