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TV and magazines are flooded with tips for good nutrition, but you could spend all day watching and reading and still have a long list of questions. So consider this post a short cut to your gaining the benefits you need to for a long, healthy life.

Today’s economy has shrunk many senior’s budget, but you already know that. The sky-rocketing cost of food can be traced to just a very few causes:

  • Weather conditions—on-going drought in the farm belt of the U.S. has caused crop-yields to shrink. We can complain about the weather but can do nothing about it.
  • Fuel costs—gas and diesel fuel costs are soaring because we are dependent on foreign imports. Yet our “leaders” in Washington seem oblivious to the problem. Geologists tell us that the U.S. has greater oil and natural gas reserves than most of the Middle Eastern countries combined!  North Dakota is a good example, but those folks are drilling on NON-FEDERAL lands. Getting a permit to drill on Federal Lands is an exercise in futility

So your weekly grocery-shopping trip must be directed at getting the biggest BANG for your buck.

So what’s the secret—there is none. To get the best value at the lowest price means you will have to sacrifice time for quality.


Yes, it so convenient to pick up a pop-it-into-the-microwave dinner, a bag of cookies and myriad other snacks. But for the most part, the nutritional value of this crap is nil. You will need to look for the raw materials and PREPARE them yourself.

Businesses that do the pre-packaging are compelled to list the ingredients in each container. READ THOSE LABELS! Chances are you’ll find chemicals in there that you never heard of—all for the sake of preservation and flavor. Granted—this stuff may taste good but you might as well be eating crabgrass or sawdust .

Of course you may opt in for taking vitamins and minerals from a bottle. I take them when I know what I’m eating only provides the bare minimum of what it takes to maintain good health.

As I mention in other posts, I am not a licensed health care provider or nutritionist. So what I have done in this blog is to search the senior resources who are licensed to offer health information, and I present their research and findings in an easy-to-follow format.

Check out the navigation choices in the right column of this website. A good place to start is the <a href=>HEALTH MATTERS PAGES</a> Do you know what is considered to be the best vegetable source for essential vitamins and minerals? Follow this link to good health.

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