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Sen Tom Coburn

U.S. Senator Thomas  Coburn, MD, is a senior citizen with a mission. He has made it his goal while serving his country to enlighten the citizenry of the mountain of needless debt our government has  amassed –needless because not only is it frivolous, it seems flat out asinine.

Here’s what Sen. Coburn says,Times remain tough in America. The number of people working has dropped to the lowest level in decades. More than 23 million of our fellow citizens do not have good jobs, and wages for many others are stagnant and even declining.1 Families are struggling to do more with less. But not everyone in America is living on a smaller budget. Washington politicians don’t even bother to give themselves a budget anymore. For the third consecutive year, Congress failed to pass a budget. And, for the fourth straight year, these compulsive spenders charged more than $1 trillion to our national credit card, pushing us to a $16 trillion debt. Some try to rationalize the excessive borrowing and spending as necessary until the economy gets back on track. But the increased demand for help is precisely why Washington must be more careful how tax dollars are spent to ensure we can care for those who are truly in need. To do this Washington must set priorities, just like every family. The problem is Washington has all the wrong priorities.

Thousands, millions and even billions of dollars in an annual budget in excess of $3.7 trillion may not seem like much to Washington politicians, but these days a dollar can make a big difference for families on fixed budgets. How many of our friends, families and neighbors could be fed with the nearly $1 million the government spent taste testing foods to be served on the planet Mars? How many nutritious school lunches could have been served with the $2 million in financial assistance provided to cupcake specialty shops?

Tax dollars at work

Your Tax Dollars at Work. You Paid for Two New Engines

But unlike so many of his peers, Coburn has done something about it. Coburn is recognized as a fiscal conservative, and to prove his point, he published a “Manifesto” documenting the utterly stupid ways our government tosses OUR tax dollars down the Washington “:Super-Toilet.”

For your edification and enlightenment, I am making his Manifesto, The Washington Wastebookavailable to my readers. The wastebook is 200 pages long so download may take some time–but it is well-worth the effort.

Get the Washington Wastebook 2012 HERE.

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